Fairbanks priest called Alaska Natives “fairly loose” on sexual matters

Fr. Lom Loyens, leader of the Jesuits in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1976 to 1980 and holder of a doctorate in cultural anthropology, was deposed by victims’ attorneys in 2004 regarding Fr. Jules Convert. Convert has been accused of molesting at least eight children in the Fairbanks Diocese and died in 1995.

When asked if priests molesting young boys would have a negative effect on boys, Loyens said that Alaska Natives were “fairly loose” on sexual matters.  He also claimed that Alaska Native women fondled the testicles of their boy children.

Finally, he said that sexual abuse would not be as traumatic for Alaska Native children as it would be for white children, since, in his opinion, it was a part of the Native People’s culture.

Church leaders immediately distanced themselves from the priest’s comments.  But it looks like the Diocese of Fairbanks has the same negative opinion of Alaska’s Native People as Loyens does.

Disgusted?  Us, too.  Read the Deposition Excerpt of Lom Loyens.

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  1. Historically, the Roman Catholic Church has serially abused those it ‘converts.’ Their arrogant attitude, and their creation of a ‘boxed’ god-of-fear has landed them in quicksand of their own doing. So be it!

  2. Thank You!

  3. The Native American’s call them “false spiritual healers” or “spooks” — the Jesuits called the Native American’s “savages” and “heathens.”

    FALSE SPIRITUAL HEALERS gets my vote. Bob

  4. It sounds like the jesuits are still using their JESUIT EXTREME OATH mentality in order to minimize their atrocities and crimes against humanity and then destroy those who dare to confront them.

    It is beyond me why men and women who have never had sex never been pregnant never given birth never brought up and loved their child,never changed a diaper can be put in positions of authority and control over those who do.

  5. What A Despicable Statement By A Despicable Man.

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