“If anyone knows about child rape, it’s the Diocese of Fairbanks”

The Diocese of Fairbanks is doing its best to convince the world that offering $5,500 to victims of child rape is fair.  In press reports, they even had the nerve to say that victims were being insensitive by calling the offer a “second rape.”

Victims are insensitive?  Really?  Living with the effects of abuse their whole lives, shunned by the church, suffering in shame and silence, losing sleep, grappling with thoughts of suicide, while Bishop Kettler shakes a finger at them and tells them to go away?

Kettler and his officials are the definition of insensitive.

Four victims got together yesterday for a press conference to tell their stories.  They told stories of rape, abuse, loss, pain and shame:

“I didn’t want to live anymore.”

“I couldn’t believe in God.”

“I just want everyone to see what happened.”

It’s not about the money, they said, it’s about the Diocese taking responsibility for knowingly allowing men to sodomize innocent kids.

Diocese officials are getting off scott-free, they said, paying more to lawyers than to the people the Diocese hurt.  So yes, it is like a second rape.

And to steal words from attorney Ken Roosa:

If anyone knows about child rape, it’s the Diocese of Fairbanks.

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  1. GRRRRRR…..the more I read about “church reactions” my blood pressure goes higher and higher. In this day and age, nearly EIGHT years after the news broke in 2002, how these “educated” members of the hierarchy can be so ignorant……
    Rome NEEDS to step in and clean house — ALL OF THEM need to be sentenced to sackcloth and ashes for the remainer of their lives.

  2. i hope you all know the true favor and blessings of the real christ and i hope you all get the financial amends you deserve and should get in order to live a healthy life…
    A million dollars each free and clear should be the minimum..
    The jesuits can sell their real estate, vineyards, cathedrals universities ad nauseum
    and the pope cansell his crib. and all the art and gold, jeweles, his mercedes and all those catholics who continue to bow down to the false god can sell their mansions and whatever to make it happen..

  3. There are only two groups among Catholics who know more about this topic of the Clergy Sexual Victimization of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults: (1) The Perpetrators; (2) The Victims. And yet the Catholic Hierarchy, Clergy and Laity look upon the Victims as the “Guilty Parties” in this Tragedy. This is truly sad because the Victims no more asked to be raped and violated than an unborn fetus asks to be aborted. Know That The Comforting Hands of Our Crucified Lord Are On the Shoulders of These Innocent Ones Who Have Suffered So Much. As for the clergy predators and their hierarchial enablers I can say this: On the day of Judgement, I wouldn’t be in your shoes for all the world.

  4. Jesuits. Known as the “intellectuals.” Probably the most heinous group ever. Mind control and brainwashing of the uneducated, while weaving spells and defining God to fit their goal: power and money. “Oh well, they are used to it…” what a wonderful statement: degarding, demeaning and just plain evil. They’ve spent money defending themselves from a problem they created in the first place; round them up and send them to the Vatican, where they belong. I vote for Crusader Rabbit.

  5. Rome does not need to step in. Rome is where this evil springs forth. The pope in his former position kept the lid on sexual abuse for over twenty years and now because he is pope, does anyone think he will change his views on clerical abuse? Better odds on him coverting to Judaism.

  6. In reply to Vinnie, I totally agree with you My Friend. And who among us could ever have guessed that one day the Throne of Peter would be occupied by a man who has had the words, “Heil hitler” on his lips. I cannot believe that the Holy Spirit led the Sacred College of Cardinals to the decision that elected this man as pope. To me it was because Pope Ratzinger, as former Prefect For the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith (Once know as Office of the Holy Inquisition) was keeper of the files on just about everybody, including the Cardinals; and therefore knew where all the “Bodies” (both buried and otherwise) could be found.

  7. “I cannot believe that the Holy Spirit led the Sacred College of Cardinals to the decision that elected this man as pope”

    The Holy Spirit had nothing to do with that election. It was pure human corruption and politics at its best. Yes, Ratz knows where the bones are buried and he stacked the deck in his favor by appointing a host of new cardinals while PJII was incapacitated.

    The only way to change things is to leave them high and dry with no pyramid beneath them. Slavery is a state of mind. When Catholics wake up to the fact that they do not have to be slaves to a corrupt hierarchy, the changes every wants will occur. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

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  9. Thank you for your article on clergy abuse. We have information on clergy abuse and child abuse topics at ritualabuse(dot)us

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