Is the Diocese of Fairbanks Racist? (or … Kettler doesn’t hate Eskimos, he just thinks they don’t deserve as much as white victims) Part One

We’ll start with the numbers:

No other diocese has a victim pool that is almost 100% Alaska Native/Native American.


Read The Sign: Please Don't Speak Eskimo

Read The Sign: Please Do Not Speak Eskimo ~ From an Alaska Native Boarding School in the Fairbanks Diocese

Here is the average compensation for mostly white sex abuse victims in the other dioceses that chose to file for bankruptcy protection:

Archdiocese of Portland: $400,000

Diocese of Spokane: $400,000

Diocese of Tucson: $500,000

Diocese of San Diego: $1.4 million

Diocese of Davenport: $230,000

And finally – drumroll, please – Diocese of Fairbanks: $5,500

Is Fairbanks saying that because the victims are Alaska Natives – many living in remote areas and third-world conditions with little to no access to services – that they don’t deserve as much as “white” victims do?

If they have another explanation, we’d like to hear it.

Coming up: Is the Diocese of Fairbanks Racist? Part Two: Letters, Books, Depos and Documents Don’t Lie

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  1. While reading this article I was already forming a response, but when I got to the end, decided to wait before shooting my mouth off.

    One possible response to the low figure which occurred to me, other than racism, is that the diocese doesn’t have much money. Another is that the diocese is simply lowballing and open to negotiating upward.

    But when I read about Part Two and how letters and documents don’t lie…….uh oh.

  2. My own opinion based on several decades of catholic clergy abuse involvement is that the WHOLE catholic church including laity appears to deny that conquest and abuse of indigenous peoples everywhere is the MO
    for their church/religion’s spread and material success.

    Equality of all people is not something that fits well with hierarchal,patriarchal, matriarchal systems that require victims,sinners and subjects to exist.

    They see nothing wrong with capitalizing and making their fortunes off of poor,peoples.. and then turning around and doing it all again when those very people stand up for their human rights.

    I can say first hand that if one is seen as inferior to and by the jesuits and the catholic church no matter indigenous or not, they(the church fathers etc/institution) will re rape that person over and over on many levels.. or at least think they have the right too because THEY (the fathers/church) have created it that way and up til now the blind sheep have gone along with those lies.

  3. In Canada.. the native peoples were re raped also.
    The government and the church paid out several billion dollars (i think) in order to settle the abuse cases of indigenous peoples by church and state.
    The victims and there were thousands.. got around 10,000 each. The attorneys/lawfirms for both the victims and the church/state got millions, along with the administrators and other professionals.
    This was re rape.
    I remember reading an article about how hard these cases were on THE LAWYERS and how they needed money for therapy.. (the devestation of natives was not mentioned).
    The catholic church in america at least sees nothing wrong with paying their attorneys and victims attorneys 10’s of millions of dollars.. but they appear to (along with much of the laity) begrudge giving to the abused and their families.
    The competitiveness and jealousy of catholics appears to be present in these cases.

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