Is the Diocese of Fairbanks Racist? Part II

(or, Kettler may not be racist, but you can only live in our villages if you are a “good” Eskimo, and even if you are, we aren’t giving your parishes any cash.)

We have already discussed how high-ranking priests in the Diocese of Fairbanks called Alaska Natives “fairly loose” on sexual matters.

As if that were not bad enough …

We have two new stories – The Village of St. Mary’s and the highly questionable (and possibly illegal) Diocese of Fairbanks Endowment

Let’s start with St. Mary’s:

Before 1967, the Alaska Native village of St. Mary’s was the Village of Andreafsky – populated by proud, smart and resourceful Yup’ik people who had lived in the area for centuries (and survived Russian occupation and enslavement, but that’s another story).  That is, until the Diocese of Fairbanks decided that they didn’t like Andreafsky anymore.

So, they allowed Fr. Jim Poole, who was already known to be a child molester, to start a new village.  The new village would have everything that Andrefsky didn’t: running water, sewage, electricity, and a school that went to the 12th grade.  The only problem was that the diocese didn’t want everyone to be able to live there, especially Native people they didn’t like.

Fr. Poole set up a test.  Nice Yup’ik families who didn’t drink, had jobs and who agreed to send their children to the new school (or who had children who were being molested or who had the potential of being molested by Poole) passed.  “Naughty” Yup’ik families who refused to send their kids to the school, knew about Poole’s abuse, or had a history of alcoholism?  Sorry.  They had to stay in squalor … right across the street.  No flushing toilets for them.

Historical reports claim that some residents refused to move.  The truth is, they had no choice.  We’ll post the letters that prove it soon.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Fairbanks Endowment.

The Diocese of Fairbanks has a $15 million (and growing) endowment that they claim is for their poor, understaffed and dilapidated parishes.  People across the country who donate to this restricted fund are told that it is for operational support, building projects, ministry support and educational projects at their parishes.

The endowment is run by George Bowder – a long-time Fairbanks Diocese employee and deacon. According to him, this money is desperately needed by the parishes who are suffering because of the bankruptcy and the greed of those “naughty and greedy Alaska Native victims” (okay, he didn’t exactly say that, but the implication is there).

The problem? Parishes report that they haven’t gotten a dime.  Apparently, Bowder doesn’t think that the Native Corporations and Yup’ik individuals at the parishes are smart enough to handle the money.  Ouch.

Don’t believe me?  Ask the parishes yourself.  I think that the IRS will be pretty interested to know, too.  If you hear different and can prove it, let me know. I’ll be happy to retract.

It’s not looking so good for Kettler.  The more and more I say that he may not be a racist, the more and more I begin to wonder.

Up next:  Bowder’s Vatican report, or “Since the media likes us, we think that the hundreds of sex abuse victims in the Fairbanks Diocese will just faaaaade away.”

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  1. OH MY LORD!!!!

  2. The only thing that matters to these sheepherders is the fleecing of the flock in every possible way. The endowment is obviously a slush fund. I hope the IRS has the nerve to investigate, and certainly it is time for RICO and time for these dudes to pay taxes. The rape of children is bad enough, but these wonderful, intelligent (?) Jesuits are beneath contempt.

  3. Please write more about life in those two villages. It’s fascinating…
    kay ebeling,
    city of angels

  4. Please do continue..
    tip of the iceberg..??

  5. “Right across the street.”
    Uh, street?
    Right across what street?
    Are you for real?

    • Yes, I am for real, and yes, Poole lives across the street from the Gonzaga campus. Some people may even say that he actually lives ON campus, but the Jesuits like to split hairs about that. According to press reports and legal documents, he lives at a “house for old and aging Jesuits near Gonzaga.” He actually lives at Jesuit House. Unlisted, of course.

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