A Lesson To The Diocese Of Fairbanks: It Doesn’t Pay To Be Racist And Then Lie About It

The Story Of Fr. James E. Poole, Birds, Dogs, And A Whole Bunch Of Lying Diocese Of Fairbanks Officials

Fr. James E. Poole, SJ, did many, many things while he was a priest. So many things, that even the Alaskana Catholica raves about the molesting priest. Click here to read the entry about Poole.

He helped found the village of St. Mary’s, ran the Diocese of Fairbanks radio station KNOM, worked in the boarding schools, and molested girls.  A lot of girls.

But in 2005, when Elsie Boudreau came forward and named Poole as her abuser, the Diocese of Fairbanks and the Jesuits lied about it.  Over and over and over again.

Fr. Richard Case, SJ, Chancellor for the Fairbanks Diocese, said that he “searched the files and found nothing” about Poole.  Click here to read it for yourself.

Then, the Diocese of Fairbanks and Jesuit officials said they never got complaints from the nuns.  Click here to read that story.

Then, the Provincial for the Jesuits, Fr. John Whitney, SJ said that they never heard about Poole’s abusive behavior, but once they did, they removed him from ministry. Click here to read that.

They lied.  All of them.  The Diocese Fairbanks lied, the Jesuits lied and now, the Diocese of Fairbanks keeps up the facade.

Here’s the proof:

– A 1960 letter to Rome from Jesuit Vicar General Fr. John Swain saying that Poole was keeping Alaska Native girls in his room late at night, visiting the girls’ dormitories late at night, and keeping girls in the confessional for 30 minutes at a time. A copy was sent to the Bishop of Fairbanks, as per policy.

Click here to read in latin.  Don’t read Latin?  Click here to read the translation.

– A 1960 letter from Jesuit Fr. Segundo Llorente to Jesuit official Fr. Paul C. O’Connor about the same problem – which also says that the Bishop of Fairbanks had full knowledge.  Click here for that little missive.  A copy went to the Diocese of Fairbanks.

– A 1962 letter from molesting priest James E. Jacobson (You’ll remember him from my last post), to the Father Provincial saying that Poole was using the confessional to ask Alaska Native girls if they ever had sex with birds or dogs (or boys …). Take a deep breath and click here to read it.

I have many more documents – spanning well into the 1980s, but decided to go with the earliest to show how long Diocese Officials knew Poole was a perp.

But they kept him in ministry and lied about it – for 50 years.


It’s the same reason that they are offering victims $5500 – because the Diocese of Fairbanks thinks that Alaska Natives are too simple and uneducated to see through their lies  … and that the pain of Yup’ik children is not as important as the pain of white children.

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  1. http://continuingcounterreformation.blogspot.com/2007/06/wlodimir-vladimir-ledochowski-according.html

    the link above can show you what many presidents and other “intelligent” people had to say about the jesuits..
    Many called the jesuits liars and a lot worse.
    Remember “Satan is a liar and a thief”.

  2. Keep blogging…

  3. THIS is doing God’s work.

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