Racism in the Diocese of Fairbanks: If I didn’t see it, then it didn’t happen

How did the Diocese of Fairbanks let child rape thrive?  The answer is simple: the racist, molesting priests.

I found a cherry clip illustrating the whole process in a few simple words.

About the clip:

Fr. Henry Hargreaves, SJ, spent most of his 50-year career as a priest in Alaska Native villages in the Diocese of Fairbanks. According to the Alaskana Catholica, he supervised many of the perpetrators who were stationed across the tundra. I use the term “supervised” loosely – he has also been accused of sexual abuse by at least two children and an adult woman.

In a taped 2004 deposition, Hargreaves was asked about the 1960 letter about Poole (Click here to read).  The letter (in Latin, of course) discussed how Poole kept Alaska Native girls in his room late at night, kept them in the confessional for a half hour at a time, and visited the girls dorms and bedrooms at night.

If I had received the letter, I would have been alarmed.  Wouldn’t you?  Well, this is what Hargreaves had to say:  Click here to watch the video.

His response?  It’s all hearsay.  If no one saw it first hand, then it was nothing more than gossip.  He even suggested putting children under oath.  You know, the rape victims … because 9-year-old Alaska Native girls living in dormitories, separated from their parents, robbed of their culture, and told that the priest was God on earth are far more inclined to stop gossiping if they are put under oath.

The girls and their parents were less than human, so they were not to be believed.  And if they spoke out?  Well, then their pain is only worth a fraction of the pain of white children.  $5500 to be exact.

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